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Hello Everyone, How would you like to have a system that allowed you to work smarter, not harder to close more transactions each and every year? A way that you could meet people every day and automatically things would happen so that when these people thought of real estate, they thought of YOU! ...
I just caught this video on Twitter (thanks @anexemines and @tacanderson). I think that there are a ton of great points to be made in this video regardless of what industry we are in, be it technology, real estate, etc. The bottom line is that no one is going to save us and there is no magic bull...
I just posted the January Market stats to my website.  Please click below to download all the latest data for Sacramento County. Best, Patrick Woods
I know that most of you have heard the saying that "Success is not for the chosen few, but for the few that choose!" I recently came across a great story that illustrates this point extremely well. Now, I am a huge sports fan, but never really caught the college football bug. If I had, I may have...
Hello Everyone, I have just uploaded the December Market Stats for Sacramento to my blog.  Feel free to download all you want, as this is great information in a visual format to help show our clients what exaclty the market is doing! Best,...
Hello Everyone! Welcome to 2009!  I hope that all of you enjoyed some time with friends and family last night and enjoyed ringing in the New Year. As one year ends and we begin another it is a time of reflection as well as a time when most of us think about what changes we would like to make, hen...
Here are the latest and greatest market statistics. These provide a ton of great information for us to better understand what is going on in the market and how to communicate that to our clients. Active/Pending/Sold data Active/Pending data Months Supply of Inventory data Keep in mind that this i...
Here is a great video from Art Williams in 1987 that I feel gives just that boost of energy we need to push through the last days of 2008 andkick of 2009 with a BANG!  It’s 20 minutes long and you have to watch it all the way through! Click here to watch. pw
As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving I cannot help but think of all the twists and turns that life takes and how we end up where we are. I think of all the friends that I have all the experiences (successes and failures) that I have had and I am in awe at how a little change in my path here an...
Hello everyone, I just launched a new site!  It covers all the latest info in our office, our local and national market, training events and much, much more. Be sure to check it out...


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