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Screening tenants for the first time can seem daunting, however your choice in tenants can make the next 6 months, to many years, either happy or discouraging. No matter how seasoned you are as a landlord, you need to make this process as coordinated as you possibly can. Follow these steps and yo...
Where should you buy income property?  Once you've determined that buying income property, especially 2-4 unit properties such as duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes, is your next step in preparing for financial security, the next question is, "Where do I buy?"  There are many indicators to be di...
We are currently seeking real estate agents who actively list and sell 2-4 unit properties. We have a certain amount of free PREMIUM memberships to give away in order to brand our service website across the nation. These are absolutely free, no gimmicks or sales pitches. So, if you are one of the...
There is a well defined niche in real estate investment that is the 2-4 unit niche. The niche is created basically by the financing. Typical banking guidelines classify 2-4 unit properties as residential, meaning the same financing you would use to by a single family residence. So, down payments ...

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