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Profound, not so profound, and downright foolish views regarding the real estate profession.
It's shaping up to be a fierce battle. The animalistic side of me is getting fired up for a knock down drag out. Hillary has a big monkey on her back -- Bill. If they, Hillary's camp, can't control Bill Clinton, Obama is going to come out of this looking like a saint. He quietened down after his ...
If you look at this report, it's meant to show a downturn in some areas; however, when you think about it it's not so bad:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8475859/I think the author realized this and changed "5 year gain" to "5 year change" on the right column to lessen thepower of the numbers.If he h...
I don't know about any of you, but I've seen a lot of activity bubbling up lately. Past experience tells me that bubbly activty leads to buying.I think in 2008 we'll see this backed-up demand breaking loose, especially since the baby boomer phenomenon is just getting started.See BonzaiOne thing i...
I have started a blog regarding real estate issues and would like to invite all to come read and comment. Nothing is for sale, just information, humor and ideas.www.bonzai.squarespace.com/blogThere will be a few agents from Point2Agent and Reliberation posting there.I will keep it updated regular...
I wrote a blog earlier saying I don't usually give advice, but I'm going to give some; however, it's more like a rant.Teach your salespeople how to read situations! Listen, when I've been with buyers for a couple of days and we've developed a laid back relationship based on trust and no-pressure,...
Advice! There is no shortage of it. Advice is given for different reasons, among them are: to help, to show off, to make money. Not all advice is equal, though. I always look at advice carefully in order to determine what it means.Answers.com says advice is: Opinion about what could or should be ...
Have you been unable to pay attention lately? Have you found yourself wandering around town with no clear purpose? Do worried friends ask you "Are you okay?" Do you find yourself yelling at your dog for no good reason?You, dear agent, may be suffering from Slow Market Syndrome. Here at Farmer & J...
During the hot years of real estate there was a shift in motive when it came to buying a home. I started hearing the stories around 2000 - "Hey, you know that home Elbert bought in Big Oaks subdivision? I heard he sold a year later and walked away with $70,000! All he did was paint it and put on ...
Ardsley Park is in midtown Savannah which makes its location ideal for access to downtown, the beach and the southside. Ardsley Park was Savannah's first subdivision, dating back to the early 20th century. Many buyers have chosen the central location because of the charming character of the homes...
 I barely know what I'm talking about here. It's mostly intuitive. I will continue to study the issue until I know more, but it helps to work out my thinking in the process of writing. Bear with me. I'm thinking about real estate web networks. Some of my confusion comes from not knowing what stag...

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Profound, not so profound, and downright foolish views regarding the real estate profession.