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 So you think you can't afford a home in Austin? Well, yes, things are getting pricey, but not out of reach. If you're on a tight budget and looking to buy your first home, the City of Austin wants to help! They will give you $10,000- $40,000 to help you into a place of your own.Here are the inco...
How to Buy or Sell a Green Home Worskhop!Wednesday, April 2nd6:30pm- 8:00pmNorth AustinShort, sweet and green, this workshop will cover all the basics of buying or selling your green home.What to look for and how to find them, how to price and market your home, green financing and lots of other c...
 Natural Home Magazines listed Mueller here in Austin as #1 in their  Top 10 Green Neighborhoods article this month.The Mueller Neighborhood got the kudos for their progressive green initiatives such as:- green home options like tankless water heaters and solar panels- greywater systems- pedestri...
 I've been battling with my lawn. For years I've been fighting. Slowly but surely, it surrenders, but not without a tough fight. Now it is pretty rewarding for me to fight my lawn. I've come to relish the battle. Mostly because I always win, but also because the hard work feels good after sitting...
 While there are many neighborhoods and builders who have gotten more green and promote themselves as green, how can folks locate resale homes that are green?It is not so easy yet on the MLS, although a group of local EcoBrokers is working to change that. Here are some tips to finding Green Homes...
Thanks to Jack Miller for the info on Compact Florescent bulbs. I just found out that they contain traces of mercury. As a precaution they should not be thrown into the garbage. Instead, when they finally wear out after 50 or whatever years, head to that great big Swedish store to the North (Ikea...


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