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The first reaction is Great! We got it, but then immediately is Now What.Not to worry you have a great professional at you side who will be with you throughout this process. In the meantime take a look at this article about  things to be aware of and possible pitfalls.
Most of us want to keep our clients at bay from issues and also at ease with the process. We tend to not publicize all the things we usually do throughout the day and most importantly what we do for our clients. Because of this sometimes the perception of what We do is not really clear.Tried to k...
Looking for tips on how to stage a home in the luxury marketTake look at this list with great tips for those that prefer to do that themselves 
Where do you start and What do you do. Wish there was an easy list to follow? You got it. Check this simple list of the top 10 things to do BEFORE putting your house on the MARKET. Most likely your REALTOR will have other ideas, but this will give you a headstart.
Unfortunately it can.The reasons are various, some real, financing and home issues are the obvious ones, but some of them are more personal, like a buyer having a change of hearts of "cold feet", and some others might be personality clashes. Take a look at THIS LIST, it is always best to be prepa...
Discover the 10 most expensive homes for sale in Old Town Alexandria.There is no denying that Alexandria is the charming historic town, but did you know we have also exquisite modern architecture and luxury condominiums as well?Check THIS UPDATED LIST of the best properties in town 
This is my weekly market update for properties under 1 million in the 22314 zip code wich is Old Town Alexandria VA. A similar chart is created for properties over a million. I have been tracking this information weekly for a year now. Every Tuesday I input these values on this spreadsheet, in do...
It is quite difficult sometimes to find specific information.While searching on the internet, you might encounter bits and pieces of such information and then find that you have to spend  time to put it all together.Some of my clients know exactly where they want to live. If one wants to live in ...
Having a contract on a house is great news but it is certainly not the end, just the begining of the next process which is the contract to close period. Unfortunately there could be a few road blocks that will need to be dealt with. Your real estate agent will be able to help you READ MORE to see...

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