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Lennox Rd.,Black Point, Nova Scotia  Oceanfont homes in St. Margaret's Bay     --  homesearchnovascotia.comThis luxurious house is located in Black Point , Nova Scotia. In St. Margaret's Bay - Home for hundreds of yachts who enjoy the consistantly fair winds and warm waters all summer long. Only ...
I recently read realty Blogging and it really opened my eyes to the potential of blogging. It breaks blogging down  in to 11 chapters ; all topics to do with real estate. It deals with SEO , direct communication, brand building, lead generation to my favorite -the Niches.It really stress the impo...
Halifax – A job shortage crisis? I recently read Gerald Walsh’s column on trends to watch for in the workplace in 2008. I guess with the recent exodus of skilled workers to places like Calgary it’s becoming tougher and tougher to fill skilled job positions. “Forget about hiring the ideal candida...
Well, it’s been a mixed bag that’s for sure! It started out strong looking like things were going to bounce back after a dismal 2006 in St. Margaret’s Bay. The buyers showed up in mass and it looked like a blockbuster season. Then hardly anyone bought. A slump in the Calgary market was a major p...
Active Rain has brought great things in such little time!  I have shifted my whole frame of mind since i joined in mid June. I have received great response and whole new quality of client with the blog. So much so - I've dropped my newspaper advertising all together and cut my advertising to nil,...

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Aerial Photography , I shoot normal home photographs with a 40D with a 10 -22 mm lens. (Named the favorite real estate lens by A past real estate agent for 18+ yrs.