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On-the-job learning has its pros and cons. The vast majority of those in the real estate industry can attest to that because most were forced to take the “baptism by fire” route when they got their licenses.At some point, many in this group become complacent; they sell real estate by rote perform...
Have you ever tried to explain to potential clients what the letters “CRS” stand for and what value it holds for them if they hire you?Sure, the courses required to receive the designation – how to improve listing presentations and market your business, among others – come in handy for you, but w...
If you’re a “typical” REALTOR®, you are female and 54 years old.And, you’re just a youngster considering the oldest of the baby boomer generation will turn 75 this year. The youngest will celebrate their 57th birthday.Most significantly, boomers make up the largest share of home sellers (43% of a...
“Forced registration.” That brings up an interesting visual, doesn’t it? So, how do agents capture leads that visit their websites without forcing those leads to register to get what they want? It’s a quid-pro-quo-world, right? You do this for me and I’ll give you that. Then why does forced regis...
Have you noticed that housing market news is solely focused on rising home prices? Sure, there is the occasional tidbit about the lack of inventory, but consumers are mostly hearing that it’s almost impossible to buy a home right now.This puts homeowners who may be thinking of selling in a quanda...
Even folks who aren’t thinking of buying or selling a home in the near future enjoy reading well-written real estate market reports.If you aren’t using market reports in your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to show your area expertise. However, it’s not enough to slap...
At the risk of sounding cliched, content is even more of a king now than when Sumner Redstone coined the “Content is King” mantra.Gone are those days when a 100-word post, unartfully packed with keywords and links, ranks anywhere near Google’s first-page search results.It’s not merely content tha...


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