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Tis the season when business typically slows down with the holidays in full swing. It's true that we've gotten fewer new staging clients overall this last month, but there must be something in the air, other than Christmas carols, as five of our current staged listings have or are about to close ...
Big day tomorrow: doing a presentation to my networking group- yes there is technology involved and there lies the rub: I had to cancel the last time because the flashdrive I brought didn't "read" on the PC we were using. So it goes without saying that I'm bringing my own back-up computer just in...
I've always been a hands-on kind of gal and there's still nothing that quite gets the juices flowing as a staging job where I  can sink my teeth in a good project,  even before the detailed planning of the rooms. Not every house lends itself to this- two day turnarounds tend to cramp my style a l...
The last sellers we've worked with were in the enviable position of having a nice equity chunk, but they understood that to minimize their days on market and generate as much interest as possible in their property, a significant remodel was in order. They picked a savvy local agent, told her of t...
The weirdest thing just happened, so it's worth a quick word. We got a call from a realtor about this house in the Oakland Hills we had staged and sold on the open house day less than 3 months ago. He was representing the new buyers, a couple from Marin, who had decided after barely moving in th...
As a stager, the most common challenge I face is performing a 20-30 year facelift on properties about to be placed on the market. And the common theme this month seems to be  the hash glare of brass fixtures, beaming out the loud and clear message that the current owners last renovated the house ...
In my daily interactions with realtors, I have come to realize that their rank is firmly divided amongst those who do and those who don't...stage their listings. Both sides are adamant in their position, though how they aligned themselves as such often remains murky. But another common theme I c...

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