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  There are ways to help determine the viability of a buyer in a standard real estate transaction-a bona fide pre-approval from a reputable lending institution, evidence of a serious interest in finding a home to purchase-not a "Looky Lou", a list of "wants and needs" that are realistic against t...
      Program HR 3648 | Next to the BPO, the most important element of a short sale is having “clean” documents.  The definition of a clean document is that it is accurate, completed by all necessary parties (fully executed), is current and it is clear and readable (ACCC). Program HR 3648 proces...
In addition to the importance of having good contact information, mentioned in part one of this blog "series", here at Program HR 3648, our wish list would also include having a lender-ordered BPO or appraisal that accurately reflects the actual market value of the home-including the home's condi...
PROGRAM HR 3648: RULING THE SHORT SALE WORLD--A WISH LIST FOR PROCESSING--PART ONE For those of us at Program HR 3648 who process short sales, we spend lots of time on hold or listening to Muzak tunes--some good, some static-laden and some that are just plain awful, but all of this is repetitive...
  Program HR 3648 | In a recent blog post on ActiveRain by Rob Magnotta, Program HR 3648 noted the interesting trend he addressed—that cash wasn’t necessarily king.  In our own short sale work, we find that cash, which was once a powerful element, has, for the most part, been relegated to a posit...
  Program HR 3648 knows that “Knowledge is power in the short sale world.”  It also knows that sometimes the short sale world is elusive.  The very entity that can make or break a deal—the lending institution—is often a moving target with changes in policy, changes in requirements, changes in pr...

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