A non-techie solution to reducing email spamYou plastered your email address all over the internet.  Good for you.  Your clients can easily find you online.  But.... bummer.  You are getting tons of spam.  What you can do:How the spammer jerks get your email address  Evil people use evil software...
Lots of seniors have trouble signing Reverse Mortgage documents due to weak hands, arthritis, injury, and other medical problems.So I carry a pen like this in my notary briefcase.  People with weak or painful hands love them. This type of pen requires much less strength and effort compared to a r...
EMAIL ADDRESS LIST OF WA REPRESENTATIVESREADY FOR COPY-PASTEWant to get the ear of your state's representatives?  Just send an email to one and copy-paste the rest of the below addresses into the CC,,, Appleton.Sherry...
A lender I've worked with for years sent me an "update" form recently.In tiny letters was a statement that my signature allowed them to check my personal credit report whenever they wish. I lined through and initialed. Since I never provide my social security number, I am not worried they will ch...
Are you a Washington state citizen who is over 60 years old with an annual houseold income of less than $35,000 a year?You may qualify to be exempt from paying property tax!You can read all about the rules at the article posted by the WA Dept of Revenue website:
News regarding property tax bills in Whatcom County, Northwest Washington state Your property tax bills will no longer be mailed to your mortgage company.  Read the announcement below:Notice to Title Companies, Escrow Agents and Attorneys:    Effective with the 2007 tax statements, the Whatcom Co...

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