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The good news for the Princeton real estate buyers is that there is a lot of choice and the prices for some properties have come  down significantly. I have been showing a lot of houses in the last several weeks. This is the an excuse reason for having not written as much for the Princeton Real E...
Do I need a real estate agent to sell or buy real estate in Princeton? This is the gist of the questions coming to my blog in the last several weeks. I covered this subject before, but there were so many variations on this question, that I thought it may warrant re-visiting it again. This time I ...
The word "trust" is the second most overused word in real estate. "Honesty" - is the first one. These words are bantered around the Internet so much, people probably do not pay much attention to them. Nevertheless, misusing them in a real estate blog could lead to problems. Misusing them on a mul...
Honesty and  trust are the most overused words in real estate. Look at the real estate agents sites and you will see declarations of honesty  and trust somewhere real soon. Read the comments on Active Rain, or even Wall street Journal and you will find, as quickly, consumers  accusing real estate...
Even babies in this country know the  three L's of real estate; location, location, location.  There is news for the Princeton real estate  buyers and sellers: I am seeing the old adage being replaced with the new phenomenon. The three  P's are the new three L's. This post can probably be the sho...
If I had to write my last blog post about Princeton real estate, what would it be? If I were to impart the most important issues for the  Princeton real estate buyers and sellers (which is the focus of my blog), what would I have to say? These questions require some very serious    thinking, at l...
In the turbulent Princeton real estate market there are new things happening - some (like real estate prices) could be confusing, and some - are a bit puzzling. I am talking  about a phenomenon of an unrepresented buyer. This type of buyer does their research on the Internet and contacts, for the...
The important things in life are sometimes put in perspective when you least expect it. Something is put in your way to show how trivial the daily upsets and disappointments are, and how the power of human spirit can bring unbelievable achievements. Yesterday for me it was this video.This amazing...
International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 each year in many parts of the world. In Russia it was my favorite holiday of the  year.This was the one day when all males, from little boys to grown ups, were treating women nicely. Little boys in school would give cards to girls, boyfriends an...
The greater Princeton real estate market is part of the new mortgage limits. The big number announced yesterday is $729,750. This is the new mortgage limit for loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. The previous limit was $417,000. 19 counties in New Jersey had this limit increas...


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