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Princeton NJ Real Estate - Are Gas Prices Affecting Home Values?Greater Princeton NJ Mercer County Real Estate could be seriously influenced by the raising gasoline prices. My guess, the only    people who say "Oh thank heaven" (as the sign in the picture) are the management and the shareholders ...
Princeton NJ Twitter meet up There has been a lot of talk in different social media circles if, how and why such networks could be of benefit to businesses. Some wonder if social media networks are giant water coolers where people, with nothing better to do, spend their time. I don't have a defin...
We all heard about the importance of quality content. Writing quality content is possible for anyone. The question is what    constitutes quality and how to make our writing to be of that caliber. Here are the Three Quality Tests you could apply to help you with your content.  The ideas in this p...
Active Rain Present and Future -One Member's Perspective I learned blogging from Active Rain and try to give back what I know. If someone can learn what I did through trial and error,  it could save then a lot of time. Looking at some of these issues is the purpose of this post. I am not as activ...
Everyone by now has heard of Twitter. On the small chance that there is a soul who doesn't know -Twitter is a microblogging, meanning each post is 140 characters or less. It's pretty amazing how much could be said in 140 characters. This I consider a big advantage of Twitter -you could learn to e...
Princeton NJ Housing Market Statistics - March 2008This Princeton NJ housing market report details the prices of Princeton NJ homes for sale, trends in the numbers of homes sold, the average days on the market it took to sell the house and the rate at which houses have sold, and the housing inven...
Princeton NJ Real Estate Mercer County blog has another home. Princeton NJ real estate, be it buying or selling is not easy. The move that follows could  be even harder. I moved to the Princeton NJ area because of the commute to New York, where I worked at the time. My husband worked in Philadelp...
Princeton area NJ Mercer county real estate has been the  focus of the Princeton Real Estate Blog since its inception in August 2007. It is a good feeling to see it #1 on Google.  Everything I learned about blogging is from ideas on Active Rain. The blog has gone through a lot of changes over tim...
In real estate staying in touch with home buyers and sellers clients is very important. TeleFlip -is a free useful tool could be helpful for   Realtors and Buyers and Sellers, who may not have a Blackberry, or a Palm Treo, or another mobile device for receiving e-mails. Many of the data plans are...
Princeton Mercer County NJ Real Estate - Secrets to Home Selling In Any Market New Jersey real estate is being sold right now in the Mercer and Somerset counties in the Greater Princeton NJ area. Learn the insiders secrets of how to sell your home in this market. What should we do to sell the hom...


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