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Home buyers and sellers in Princeton, Montgomery, West Windsor, Hopewell, Lawrenceville New Jersey and elsewhere in the country can now get the real answers and story on what’s going on in the real estate market and in their community. They can find these answers in the blogs. How is the informat...
Don’t worry.  Everyone is OK.  When I usually go by my kids’ rooms after they are gone to school, what goes through my head is: “what a mess”. This morning I passed by my son’s room –it was clean, and I had a nut in my stomach. My son went to Biloxi with a youth religious group to help with rebui...
Are looking for your “dream home” in Princeton area, or anywhere else in New Jersey, and you just can’t find it, I may have some good news  - you will. It just may not be what your originally thought “perfect” is. Let me share a story.In my pre-real estate life my husband and I were looking for a...
Blogs are the place for buyers and sellers in the Princeton area and elsewhere in New Jersey to find the real scoop about real estate. What would they see when they get to the blog? With so few real estate people blogging consumers are not yet aware of what is in it for them. To get this informat...
Here is my suggestion - write a Victories Recap.I promised myself to celebrate victories, even if they come in small packages. The successes could be small, but they did not come my way easy. That’s why I give myself a gift – writing about them. I am #1 on Goggle for “Princeton Real Estate Blog”....
Writing on this blog about being an American and all that it means to me would have never crossed my mind. I sell houses and write about Princeton, West Windsor and Montgomery real estate. What does this post has to do with real estate?Since I started writing on AR, I discovered that sometimes my...
It's one little success - being #1 on Google (for Princeton Real Estate Blog). I am sharing this honor with the Active Rain. You may ask what's the big deal?. Have you heard of the expression “Divine Inspiration”? This is apparently how the Bible was transmitted to people – through Divine Inspira...
I urgently need your help – please call 609-553-4175. Let me prepare you for what will happen. You will hear a pleasant female voice with a slight European accent – that’s the sign you reached the right person. You don’t need to say much – just listen.The woman will tell you that she has 100% suc...
This is not a post about guidelines, or how to instructions. There are plenty of those with all kinds of useful advice and help in other places on AR. This post is about trying to understand what AR is for me and why with time it is becoming an important part of my life.  Yesterday I found myself...
The contest “Have you been inspired by someone else's post to the benefit of your client? “  has a winner - Jason Crouch!AR gives us an opportunity to learn and be inspired by other members. The more we learn, the better service we can offer to our clients and in this way AR can be a powerful pla...


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