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Are you looking for homes for sale and buying a home in Princeton, Hopewell, West Windsor, and Montgomery? Are you preparing to sell your home in the greater Princeton area? This exercise can help you sell by getting in the mind of the buyer .I read an article in New York Times Magazine once abou...
Home buyers and sellers in Princeton, Hopewell, Skillman Montgomery Township, South Brunswick, North Brunswick, Ewing and West Windsor – when you read this, I am sure, you will know who you are.  To all of my absolutely best clients, I owe my 21 reasons to thank you.To my home sellers’ clients – ...
Are you  looking for homes for sale, have questions about selling or want to know the real estate market conditions in Princeton Junction/West Windsor, Princeton, Hopewell and Montgomery?  Be smart about where you are looking for answers. Let me share a story.I was wondering the Internet and came...
My idea for real estate blogging is to provide answers to real estate questions that consumers are asking when buying and selling their homes.My best writing happens when it comes from passion. All of a sudden I find myself in a lull. Could there be a case of being blogged out?  I don’t mean runn...
Fabulous 8 acres estate -15 Minutes from New YorkLocation: Skillman, NJHere is a unique chance to own the 8+ acres estate "Washington Well Farm", and with it become part of the American history. The story of this home starts in 1753, when Joost Dureya bought 260 acres of land and made it his home...
Looking for homes for sale in Princeton? What neighborhood would be best for us? This is one of the first questions home buyers ask when they are relocating and moving to Princeton.  The first surprising answer is that there are actually two Princetons, officially known as Princeton Borough and P...
With the holiday season upon us there are many balancing acts on our minds. Some are trying to balance their work time with their family time, others the desire to offer gifts with the possible financial constraints and others the prospect of being lonely and sad when everyone else is with the fa...
I knew it when I saw my dad come into the room. He was holding my mom’s bag –and my stomach sank before I heard the words:  “your mom is no longer here”. It was the summer of my college entrance exams and I was sixteen. Earlier in the day dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to visit mom in th...
Why should any real estate buyer or seller want to pay more to their agent? Isn’t it exactly the opposite of what clients want: pay less or not pay at all? Here is the two word answer: Ritz Carlton. Do not read further if you as a real estate client do not want “Ritz Carlton treatment” or if you ...
Could there be surprises in Princeton real estate? That question came to mind as I am trying to surprise my husband for his birthday tomorrow. The only real estate I am thinking of right now is Ritz Carlton in New York.  That’s where I booked a room as a gift for his birthday. My husband works so...


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