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I have now read/reviewed some of the posts within the AR mortgage community.  There are like any environment, some great ideas and thinkers, and some less than stellar ones.  The fact that people are reading and participating in AR is a good start.Locally, I see and hear many people, realtors, le...
I am always looking for additional income streams for my business.  Towards that end, I regularly network with other loan originators and owners.I know of a few people in our industry who are going for a "basic" life insurance license.  I don't recall what series number that is.  In any case, the...
Now that we are firmly entrenched "during the holidays" I think it is more important than ever to keep working.  It is very easy to tell ourselves, and anyone who will listen, that people aren't buying homes at this time of year.  The truth is, if you look around, the business is there. I see it ...
The Power of Systems I hear numerous complaints from low to mid-level producers that they don't have the time to do any more business. The few deals they are working on right now are overwhelming them. They have no idea how they would earn 10 times what they are currently earning because they hav...
Have you all noticed that you get more traffic to your sites as a result of Active Rain?  In the past 3 weeks, I have had 2 people find me via seach engine, directly as a result of Active Rain. While it hasn't yet generated any business from strangers, it is nice to know that they are helping me ...
There was an article in the Boston Globe today that suggested that we may be at or at least near the bottom of the real estate market here in the greater Boston area.  Do you believe it?  Does your current business and listing inventory support that idea?  Let me know your thoughts.
!                                     Overcoming The Smokescreen Objection! You know the drill, someone calls off one of your listings, you call back and answer their questions about whether it has 2 baths or 3, you try to carry the conversation further, try to get them to consider you as their a...
 Don’t Slow Down!  Whether the Real Estate Market is slow or busy, there are always those who say, “The market is slow”.  Yet always, even in down times, there are those making a great living.  What do they do differently?  More then anything else-they think differently and they act on it!  How y...
There has been a push lately to have loan officers licensed in the states they do business in.  I think this would be a great new law. You need a license to fish, why not require a license to help people make one of the single largest financial decisions of their lives?   That being said, does an...
I am always looking for ways to be better at my job, and more valuable to the professionals who place their trust in and buisness with me.  One of the things I've begun is a "weekly realtor tips" that I email to my realtor partners.  I have gotten mostly good feedback, but i wanted to hear the op...

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