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Aside from the standard PDA's and Crackberries, what tools are you using to provide better service to your clients?  I have been using GoldMine and ManageContacts, to stay in touch, Mortgage Coach to improve my presentations, and Mortgage Market Guide to stay better informed and educated.What pre...
I have written several blogs now about developing business, Win the Day, being the most recent of them.  I spend a fair amount of time and money trying to build out my business and come up with new ideas to make things better or stronger.I regularly seek associations (Look to a Higher Power) with...
This is a page out of Brian Buffini's coaching, but relevent to all, and important to remember as we begin the new year.It's easy to get carried away with the urgency of our business models. Clients call, expecting or demanding an immediate returned call.  A deal seems to be on life support, so w...
This particular post started as a followup to a very active and thought provoking post by Caron Mosey entitled Stand up and be counted.  Thanks for the inspiration Caron.One of the comments on the topic spoke about forclosures being a byproduct of the cyclical nature of the bond market.  While th...
Has anyone out there used contract processing?  There are many companies that offer this service for a nominal (~$400) fee, but I'm not sure about the quality of the work.I have an excellent in-house processor now, but she'd be better utilized in a sales/LO role.  I can't let her originate busine...
As the owner of my office, I have an obligation to myself and my current employees to grow the business, and serve each client better.  The dilemma is this: I need to attract new talent to my office.I have created an environment of support and capacity for high production, but it seems to me that...
I have been a lender for 8.5 years now.  In that time, my business model and outlook on our industry has shifted quite a bit.  I had been told, and told my clients, that being available at a moments notice was a key to "good service", and I was willing to do that.I have had a change of heart thou...
As I spend more and more time looking for new business sources, I realize I have been neglecting to capitalize on one that is close, able, and willing to create opportunities.  My current referral partners.I have now gotten in the habit of consistently asking them not only for referrals to borrow...
Here in MA, there has been a glut of multi-family to condo conversions, as well as a large number of condos in general.  For the first few years of my career, condo docs presented a cause for concern, as did the owner occupancy and investor concentration.In came "Lmited Project Review".  A wonder...
I don't believe in New Years resolutions.  I think we all owe it to ourselves to "Refine" what we are doing on a regular basis.  I am a proponent of taking stock of where we are and making sure that we are pointed in the right direction.There are 2 problems with that theory.1) Many people have no...

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