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This article from George Souto is very informative and a definite call to action for all buyers who have been sitting on the fence.  Take advantage of the interest rates while they are still low.  Don't let this opportunity get away from you. Has The Long Awaited Increase In Interest Rates Finall...
Have you ever thought of investing in real estate in Asheville, NC?  Were you afraid to step up and take the leap? Are you wondering if its a good investment?  Does the economy have you scared to death? Many of you have answered yes to one or more of these questions.  If so, take hold of your fin...
   It's so hard to mentally accept this "old age" concept.  Intellectually I know I'm a senior but emotionally and even physically, I don't feel older than I did in my 40's.   I should be starting to wind down as far as work interests go but I'm not.  Technology is so stinking interesting, I wis...
The election will be over today.  We all need to immediately get busy talking to our legislators to get this Act extended.  Thanks to Richard for the post.  The NAR has put out a CALL TO ACTION regarding the expiration January 1 2013 of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.  Every Rea...
Fall leaves are just one of the attractions in The One and Only Asheville, North Carolina.  As we speak, folks from around the country are winding (and I do mean winding)  their way through the Blue Ridge Mountain via the Blue Ridge Parkway and other scenic routes. I must say that their trip will...
Are you looking for a Home for Entertaining Year Round in Asheville, NC? Are you looking for a spacious home to raise your family?  Are you looking for a home to entertain and enjoy family and friends?  Are you looking for a home where you can hibernate for the winter and have everything you need...
Tell me something.....bad! It continues to amaze me that our best friends, relatives, business associates and closest confidants refuse to tell us they are in trouble with their homes...their HOMES!! "No....I'm not behind on my know I make a bunch of money....why would you ask me t...
  Black Mountain is one of the sweetest and most vivacious small towns in North Carolina and, arguably, the Southeast.  It boasts two college campuses and a downtown with boutique shops and restaurants that can lead to a fine day of shopping and eating.     As a place to live, this valley has the...
It's What We Do... This time of year, we take every opportunity to foster our friendships and promote our business....It's What We Do.   For us, this is the best time of year to be hosting events and building our business because of the holidays during this last three months of the year. It certa...
    It seems like I'm always On the Fence. As blogs go, I'm thinking I may be the worst person EVER  to do a blog.  Most of the time I'm simply gray, not black, not white, just gray.   I'm a fence sitter.  I can see two sides to most arguments.  A tornado with the most decisive, persuasive opini...

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