At the January Fayetteville Regional Association of Realtors (NC) luncheon reports presented by David Evans and Zan Monroe pointed to the current condition of our market. Based on indicators across the nation we can expect interest rates to begin to rise from their current 3-4% range in the latte...
I participated in an ActiveRain Webinar just now on how to incorporate renovations with a purchase loan.  I had heard of the 203K loan program before but this webinar really provided so much more of the details on how the process works and with whom it will work. was the present...
As a veteran and member of USAA I get their magazine on a regular basis.  It always has great articles and good advice to follow.  The summer issue has 39 tips for homeowners.  It's a great check for new and long time owners especially the one about video taping your home.  I do this every couple...
OK, so I'm new at this side of the real estate game.  I've gained a great deal more respect for the brokers I worked with in my past career as an economic developer.  Not amazing but irritating is the number of calls I get from vendors hawking their wares and telling me I can't be as successful w...
As we come to the end of a week that due to snow left me lots of time to work my business I feel success in some respects and drowning in others.  As much as I love computers and technology all these videos, training sessions, handling a web page, learning the system, dealing with Market Leader a...
Sitting here all comfortable and warm inside my home in Fayetteville we hear report after report of the pending icy rain forecast for us tomorrow.  Fortunately the cabinets are filled, milk is in the frig and gas for the fire place is ready should we lose power.  I sure hope the power companies h...

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