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Hi all: How are you? I was thinking this morning about the 4 C's of Lending. Here they are. Credit, Collateral, Character, and Capacity. What do I mean by each? 1) Credit is fairly obvious. Your credit score will determine in large part the rates, terms and type of loan you have. On a residential...
This is an excellent post. Thanks Deborah. These days it's a team concept. The loan officer has to know what they're doing. Otherwise, it's a colossal waste of everyone's time!Most agents declare “My client IS pre-approved.”  .........or NOT, is my assessment.   Many agents are under the misguide...
Good morning! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I was thinking this morning about what your lender/loan officer can and should be doing for you. Here is a list. Feel free to add to it. 1) We should be able to evaluate whether you're qualified before the process ever begins. This requires knowled...
Hi all: I hope you're well! The last week in the mortgage business has been a wild ride. Prior to August 1st, interest rates for a 30 year fixed loan were in the range of 4.75% if everything lined up. Then things got volatile! First was the announcement of the raising of the debt ceiling. You'd t...