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Hello all: I hope you're well. I wanted to share with you this morning a very cool way to buy an investment property. You can use your self-directed IRA to do this! How does this work? Let's say you have an IRA that you'd like to have work for you. You can set up a self-directed IRA (Be careful h...
Hi all: I hope your day is off to a great start. I wanted to share with you about Private Mortage Insurance or PMI. First of all, a definition is in order. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Policy protecting the holder against loss resulting from default on a mortgage loan. In other words, privat...
This was granted last night. I'm still not sure if it will change the direction we appear to be headed but it's nice to have some reason brought into play!BREAKING NEWS: Sweeping Federal Reserve Rule Delayed Appellate Court Grants a Stay of the Fed’s LO Compensation Rule St Paul, MN: The Mortgage...