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Hello! I trust your Friday is going well and you have a great weekend planned. I wanted to share with you a day in the life of a loan officer. My world is often confusing to an outsider. When someone contacts me about doing their loan, they really are first and foremost looking for a seamless tra...
Hi all: I hope you're well! I was thinking about how much it matters if you're a consumer to choose a loan officer who knows what they're doing and has the full support of their company. Why do I say this? Because I think there are some loan officers still out there who just care about their payc...
Hi all: I will wish you a fantastic weekend in advance! I've been thinking about last year and how I wanted to really step it up for 2011. For me, it's back to the basics in a big way! Part of me was recently inspired by Brian Buffini. Quite a few of you probably know who he is. I attended a semi...
Good morning all! It's a beautifully sunny morning here; clear and cold. Happy New Year! What's different for you about 2011? I'm pretty optimistic in spite of a challenging 2010. It helps that my pipeline is already filling. I also plan on doing things differently this year. It's back to the tri...

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