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Good morning! I was thinking yesterday (always a dangerous thought because it usually leads to a blog!) about how we in the real estate business should approach our job. Of course it brought up the question "Are you working your job or it it working you"? I'm aware that the last couple years have...
Hello everyone: I arrived in the office about 8:30 this morning to hear that mortgage interest rates were in free-fall and 5.125% O.A.C. on a 30 year fixed was available. I crafted an email which I then sent out  to my email list about the good news. By this afternoon, I had several responses ask...
Good morning: With the governments announcement that they will be bailing out Citigroup, I have to wonder where's my bailout. Obviously, I'm just kidding. I don't expect one; I expect to make it on my own. Besides, I'm a small fry. Only the big entities get government subsidies. I have to wonder ...
Good morning! I was thinking yesterday about the announcement last Friday of the new conforming loan limits for 2009. I think it's great news! In the tri-county area of Seattle, it means that the new limit is $506,000 next year, up from $417,000. In our area, even though the average home sale was...
Hi all: Good morning! I've been approached by the folks from Nouveau Riche University lately and was wondering what you know. To date, I've said no because I think it's important to stay focused on my business. There's a guy in my BNI networking group and he belongs to Nouveau Riche. I understand...