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You know we are in social media overload today.  It seems everywhere you look you have another place to be social online.  Its like those Toyota commercials where the girl is sitting on her lap top saying she has 687 friends and this is living but her parents only have 1 Hi folks. Dick Greenberg ...
Hoping it does not start a trend.  We do not need another reality show "Appraisers Gone Wild".  At times it does seem that way and maybe they are thinking that what they are doing is looking out for the best interest.Today I received notice from the buyer's agent on one of my listings that the le...
Go Team USA.  Great to see Gold and well deserved.  Countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years of training have paid off.  Go USA plus don't forget the swimmers - gold again for the mens team.ALISO VIEJO – The Olympic Rally Party in honor of Aliso Viejo's Kyla Ross packed Buffalo Wild Wings ...
After all it is first impressions.  And we all want to make a great first impression.  It could be the difference maker or nothing maker.  Most deals are done on first impressions and you know that within seconds. Make a Amazing Showing First Impression - Foyer Fix-Up in 6 Easy Steps Your foyer i...
One thing for sure.  History does repeat itself.  We need to learn from it.  If nothing is learned we are doomed to making the same mistakes in the future and our future generations will do the same.This is a new section with stories of real life experiences in Real Estate.  If we do not learn fr...
Enjoy some Chick Fil A.  Help keep people employed.  I love being in America.  You can freely speak and express your opinions.  Enjoy to everyone in this great country.    I will be spending the day at Chick Fil A tomorrow in support of business and against Tryanny and Government controled bias. ...


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