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Mortgage Update - Mortgage financing news and topics, and meaningful advice for real estate professionals and consumers.
Buy, hold, sell?Decisions, decisions. I am well-positioned (but not a market guru), and asked all time. Below are my views. (Personally I am a buyer). - Paul Sell? - If you are looking to upgrade, or if you have to. You can for sure afford to sell low, if you buy your upgrade low also. Do it now....
30-yr skirting 5%. ARMs are well priced.The 30-yr fixed crossed the 5% mark this week, and the trend is not reversing for now. ARMs are relatively better priced. Check the rates. /// Why do we use seller concessions again? (See below)  /// 85%LTV helocs and seconds are available again! - PaulSell...
Listing of current Fix-Flip Investments. Invest with the developer and get a generous profit share. Program details: Developers seeking partnership financing can get a scenario quote at      
Buy right, invest, get even (or better) with the market!I don't mean to go on and on here, but fix-flip business is brisk -  it is good business - and I want you in. And I think you want your buyers/investors in also. It's good business, and the time is now! - Paul REOs and short sales are tough ...
Good news, and good news! The Prospect Mortgage FHA 580-639 Fico program is out. (Highlights below). This should increase the number of prospective buyers by about 15%.Second, HUD has lifted the 90-day flip restriction for the re-sale of (flipped) property until the end of the year. (There are st...
Automatic credit monitoring during the loan process is now in effect! This is a potential minefield: No applications, new, or more credit during the loan process! See below. /// Overall market activity may be low, but fix and flips are popular. Go here to price a scenario. If you want to consider...
You are not going to like this! Fannie Mae Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPAs) are going up effective April 1st, 2011, drastically increasing loan pricing. See below. /// There is another Fannie initiative that can increase the cost of borrowing. Borrower credit will can be re-examined prior to ...
Happy New Year, and best wishes to all for 2011!  I see opportunities on the investment front: the economics of rental and fix-flip properties make a lot of sense. I have both loans, and investors for this. /// Home buyers, often driven by market stats, will probably not be in a hurry, but maybe ...
Financing for (fix-) flip projects on a partnership basis available. Up to 100% of cost.Investor profit share: 10-40%, depending on project details. 1-4 units, only. Go here for a quote request for your scenario:  
December 23, 2010                                          Not legible? Read as web page  ARMs are well-priced at the moment...relative to fixed rate loans, and as long as the Fed keeps supporting short-term rates, should be considered under the right circumstances. See below... /// Rates keep tr...

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Mortgage financing news and topics, and meaningful advice for real estate professionals and consumers.