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Austin Towers is keeping a constant eye on downtown residential development. With dozens of projects and thousands of units in the planning and construction phases, Austin Towers provides news and a simple guide to downtown condo high-rise developments. A portion of the blog is reproduced on active rain: for the full blog and condo guide, visit
There is no way around it, the current economic crisis will have a strong effect on the Austin economy, Austin real estate, and downtown development in particular. Read the full analysis at
John Wooley, the founder of Schlotsky's, this week announced plans for Zilker Place Condominiums, a new 74-unit condo development on a prime lot on Barton Springs road adjacent to Zilker Park. With quick access to the park and the hike and bike trail, three 5-story buildings will be constructed o...
A movement is developing in Austin to link downtown zoning variances to "voluntary" contributions to community programs. While a density bonus sounds like a special gift to developers who meet the city's stated goal of a dense vertical downtown, in reality, it is the opposite. Density bonuses ess...
AustinTowers posts news and analysis on the downtown condo market 2-3 times every week. If you use Google for search, we've made it easy to add our news feed to your google home page. Simply click on the "Add to Google" button on the right and you will be directed to Google to create an iGoogle s...
Rumors have been circling for months that AquaTerra, a 163 unit 20-story project planned for Barton Springs road between Congress Avenue and south First street, has been having trouble getting off the ground. In fact, the building was supposed to be complete by 2008 -- yet construction hasn't eve...
The Austin City Council today approved the first phase of a plan to create a second "downtown" urban center in the region of north Austin near Braker and Mopac -- essentially the area surrounding the domain. As we have reported in the past, between now and 2015, one developer alone plans to build...
Population density, the number of people per square mile, is an indicator of suburban sprawl. A large city with a low population density will be spread across a broader geographic area than an equally sized city with a higher level of density. The lower the density, the more land it takes to fit ...
There has been lots of mixed news on the national and local real estate front over the last few months -- so it is a relief to see good news from BartonPlace Condominiums. According to the developers, the project has taken $30 million in deposits on 61 of their 270 units. With strong pre-sales, t...
The Austonian is going to be nice. At 56-stories, it will be the tallest building in Austin. In fact, it would be the tallest residential building in San Francisco. It has a beautiful pool and a dog park with a special doggie toilet. These luxury features, however, are not free. Units in the Aus...
As we have reported in the past, developers and the city have announced ambitious plans for the second phase of the Domain: the new mini-city rising off Mopac just north of 183. Between now and 2015, one developer alone plans to build 50, yes FIFTY, new buildings with heights ranging from 2-26 st...

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