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I would like to invite everyone to my first group. Called "Unique Details" group. A group that highlights unique details we find in homes. From architectural details, antiquated technologies, best/worst of, and just the interesting to the weird we find when working in the real estate market. So p...
I have shot some ugly properties here at my job. What we have seen is that when the front of a condo or home is less then desirable; put the home's best room as your front shot to draw away from unattractiveness of the exterior or simply to highlight the room if it that great. This will get peopl...
The homes natural lighting is a great way to add contrast to your shots. Run around and turn them all on.  If they have a dimmer or a multi-function bulb, put them on the lesser bright settings. This will prevent burn outs and be much more likely to show the shade or fixture that you want to see....
This is my first blog so bare with me. When one has a detachable flash most people would think to point it at the subject, but when shooting in a home that is not the best way. Have your flash facing up to the ceiling and then set it to about 60 degrees so that it faces a little to the front.  Th...


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This blog is of my day to day experience as Art Director of Evers & Co. Real Estate located in Washington, DC. The topics are dealing with photography, design & marketing, including insight through my many years in the design field.