Buying a home is a big step. There are many benefits of homeownership, the homebuyer tax credit and more affordable prices make now an especially opportune time to purchase.  Still, the commitment is a substantial one, and I encourage you to ask questions and be informed about the decision you ar...
Heating Your Home Efficiently Regardless of what the weather brings this winter, heating your home efficiently is probably something on your mind. Keeping your home a comfortable temperature when the weather turns bad doesn't have to be a financial drain. Here are some places to start: Stopping ...
Just a little something out of the ordinary for my posts.  A classical video for you to enjoy!  Merry Christmas to Activerain peeps!  
Expanded Tax Credit is Good News for First Time and Repeat Home Buyers Alike! Home sellers and potential buyers nationwide welcomed the recent news that Congress had decided to extend and greatly expand the Home Buyer's tax credit in an attempt to further stimulate the economy. Not only does the...
There's so much I could say....but I will just let you guys watch this video that RE/MAX has put out.  It's very informative.  Hope it helps!   Video---
I was both for and against this legislation.  I have to say that I didn't want our government to spend anymore money but, at the same time, I want the real estate market to keep moving forward.  Check out all of the details on this link: Tel...
Senate Votes to Renew Tax Credit for First-Time Home Buyers Washington Post (11/05/09) P. A5; ElBoghdady, Dina The Senate has passed a bill that would extend the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers through the first six months of next year as well as offer a $6,500 credit to repeat buyer...
Home Composting Home composting can be an easy way for your household to make a direct positive impact on the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, food residuals and yard trimmings account for 24% of the municipal solid waste stream in the United States. The EPA estimat...
Home Maintenance Tip -It's Fall: Time to Prepare Your Home for Winter Fall maintenance is important because it helps make homes more energy efficient during the winter months, and will safeguard homes against potential seasonal 'disasters' such as leaking roofs or home fires caused by neglected c...
Let Uncle Sam Help Pay for Energy Efficiency Improvements The $8,000 New Home Buyer Tax Credit (along with the Cash-for-Clunkers) may have dominated the headlines recently, but some energy efficiency Tax Credits offered by the federal government could be even more useful for the average homeowne...

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