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With knowledge and mastery of the seven principles listed below, you'll be able to valuate properties with an objective eye and sort out the good deals from the ones that are "money pits." Before we get to the principles, be aware that all of them relate to a fundamental maxim of real estate - "...
 RISMEDIA, June 21, 2010-After getting the keys to their new homes, many first-time home buyers are excited about finally having the opportunity to personalize and furnish their new house. From coffee tables to lamps to lawnmowers, many previous renters leap into homeownership quickly realizing t...
Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer   By Kristen GerencherRISMEDIA, June 9, 2010--(MCT)--As summer approaches, so does the prime injury season for children. Parents have different ideas about how to keep their kids safe, but their assumptions don't always match up with some of the bigges...
An FHA loan can provide a great deal of help to many families, but not everyone knows exactly what is and who it helps. To start, "FHA" stands for Federal Housing Association. This is the organization that administers the loan, and it is also a part of the Department of Housing and Urban Develop...
A "short sale" is a handy term for a situation in which a homeowner's debt on his or her property is greater than the amount for which the property can be sold.Here's an example: Assume a homeowner has an unpaid loan balance of $110,000, but the property will only sell for $100,000. The unhappy ...

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