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Please read this and let me know: I just wanted to throw this out there and see if there would be an interest from ActiveRain members. We, Peacock Virtual Solutions, have been asked to give a series of Social Media For Real Estate classes at Heritage Home Loans in Spokane Valley, WA. There has be...
  That's right... Your website sucks! Well maybe YOURS doesn't but if I were talking to a room of 100 real estate agents, that statement would be true of 90 of them at least.   "Why does my website suck?" you ask... Well if your website is provided by your large, national brokerage as "value" of...
Fellow ActiveRainers! I am just curious who among you subscribes to podcasts to listen to and find new ideas about Real Estate, Marketing and general business practices? I have dabbled in checking out podcasts off and on for several years and the 2 I subscribe to  and enjoy the most are HubSpot's...
Some questions came up within my local Association's Technology Committee about saving text messages between agents and clients... Is it important to save them? And if so, what methods do people use to save and archive them? So I would like to throw it out to my ActiveRain friends. Do you save yo...
I am curious to know what my fellow agents think and feel about one of my personal pet peeves... Empty flyer boxes. I pay attention to what other agents are doing in my area, and one thing I have noticed in both of the markets which I have been licensed and selling real estate (Missoula, Montana ...
Peacock Virtual Solutions is excited to be adding a new mobile platform to our products and services. This is a clean, intuitive mobile interface with a QR Code point of entry (perfect for signs, name riders, fliers etc), that in effect, creates an app on any smartphone giving clients and potenti...
The real estate business requires top-of-mind awareness to succeed. One of the best avenues of promoting such a business is through the use of social media networks. There are several options to consider when looking at social medial for real estate. If you’re a running a real estate agency or y...
Tall, stately shade trees, quiet mansions with deep porches, trendy commercial and retail center.  This is Browne’s Addition, Spokane’s first neighborhood.  It sits at the west end of Spokane, the only residential neighborhood within easy walking distance of downtown.  Subdivided in the 1880s, th...
I stumbled across Viggle at Thanksgiving of 2012 when I was visiting my family in Denver. We were all sitting in the living room watching football and I knew something had to be going on when I noticed my brother spending more time on his iPhone than I was. That never happens. He doesn't tweet, h...
Responsive Custom Website Design Peacock Design Solutions, the web and graphic design division of Peacock Virtual Solutions, has our new video up on Youtube.  Take a look at it and get a feel for who we are and let us know what you think, we are always interested to know your thoughts.  

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