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"Hold tight with a leather fist, watch out when he starts to twist"... yeah this one brings to mind more than an few Chris LeDoux lyrics. This photograph was taken at the Superior Lion's Club Rodeo at the Mineral County Fair in Superior Montana. A bareback bronc rider getting up after his 8 seconds.
I love how this photograph turned out. I was taking a tour of Alcatraz, in San Francisco, and on the way up the hill from where the ferry drops you off, you pass this staircase. I was struck by the colors of the moss and discoloration of the concrete nestled in the green of the surrounding ivy an...
This is one of my all-time favorite photographs that I have taken. I had no tripod, the light was poor, we didn't have much time (we just made a last minute stop on our way home to Montana) and I just raised my camera and took the shot without much setup. Somehow it turned out pretty amazing, in ...
One major part of life in Western Montana is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway line. Montana being between Seattle and Chicago, there is a never-ending rumble of the freight trains along the tracks in pretty much every mountain valley. Once Montana gets into your soul, and it will, you som...
We've all been there. The sellers have cleaned their house and are ready for the photos to be taken, or at least in their minds.Take a few minutes to remove the dish soap, dish towels, lotion bottle, etc from the counter tops. Put the paper towel holder out of view of the camera lense. I didn't d...
This photograph was taken along the Oregon Coast near Ocean City. I took it during a small break in a spring storm and the clouds broke enough to let the sun shine through. The slight mist in the air from the sea spray combined with the rain which had just fallen gives the image a bit of a heavy ...
When there is not enough light in the house and you have to use your flash, pay close attention to the angle at which you take your photographs. When taking them straight on towards a window, mirror or TV screen you will get that horrible hot spot reflection.Take the time to figure out better ang...
I love long-exposure, evening and night shots. This photo was taken at dusk, as the light was fading fast. I love the kaleidascope effect of the colors blending together as the tilt-a-whirl spins.I can almost smell the corndogs and cotton candy looking at this picture. There is something about a ...
Today's listing photo tip is an easy way to avoid unsightly household things. You could use this tip to hide a pile of dirty laundry or like this example, hide a broom and mop.We have all had clients that just don't think about things like this when you come to take photos. It is easy to move thi...
I used to drive past this barn a couple times a week when I lived in Montana. It is situated just outside of Paradise Montana along Hwy 200 and the Clark Fork River.You can't be an avid photographer in the western states, especially Montana, without finding old barns beautiful. This was always on...

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