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Just south of Missoula, Montana lies the Bitterroot River valley and the Bitterroot Mountains. This photograph was taken on a clear, spring afternoon as the wind was blowing the snow off the tops of the peaks.This was somewhere near Hamilton, Montana (I don't recall the name of this particular pe...
There are fewer things in this world that are more British than fox hunting.With all fox hunts, you have an eagle and handler who accompany the horse riders.This shot was taken at the gathering of last year's Fitzwilliam Fox Hunt on the Boxing Day Hunt (the day after Christmas).
I love this photograph for a lot of reasons. I took this one night on the first elk hunt that my dad, my brother and I went on together. It was taken on 35mm film and I no longer have the negative, but have managed to hold onto this scan of the photo.The tent is lit with a single lantern and if y...
This was a typical, dreary Autumn day in Cambridge, England. The old, brick, terraced houses along the bank of the River Cam and the wooden beam bridge in the background caught my eye and I had to get a shot.Cambridge is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque cities in the world.
Honestly I have no idea exactly where this lighthouse is, all I remember is that it is on the northern coast of Oregon (probably somewhere between Newport and Oceanside).This was a rare sunny day in March for Oregon. Pretty sure earlier that morning we were on the beach in the rain.
This shot I captured as the light broke the horizon while I was out elk hunting along the Montana/Idaho border above Missoula Lake in Mineral County.I was able to find an old fallen tree to get depth of field. I wish I had put something down to keep the grass out of the foreground, but still very...
If you have ever spent any time in Western Montana, you will no doubt have seen Bald Eagles fishing along the Bitterroot or Clark Fork Rivers. Having lived in and around Missoula for a lot (not nearly enough though) of years, I had many opportunities to photograph Bald Eagles (another one of my f...
These are a couple of old red barns I found off a dirt road on the west side of MacDonald Pass just outside of Helena, Montana.If you have been following my Photo of the Day posts, you will know I love photographing western life in the states. Cowboys, barns, wide open land, I love everything wes...
California will be the test case for this issue.Purplebricks, a British estate agent, is opening up shop in California in the next few weeks.If you aren't aware, they do things very differently.For one, they promote the idea of removing the agents from the negotiations and having the buyer submit...
This chap is taking a less than ideal approach to dismounting his ride. I guess it beats landing on your head and it is a good way to get that appendectomy you always wanted.This is another shot from the Superior Lion's Club Rodeo at the Mineral County Fair in Superior, Montana.

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