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Lining out the top 3 reasons to use a real estate virtual assistant is considerable overkill. Any one of these by itself should be plenty to prove the value of the virtual assistant in a real estate agents business. 1. MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, Postlets,, Craigslist, T...
        Fall Promotion From Peacock Real Estate Solutions Discover the power of WordPress! WordPress is a very easy to use, update and manage interface. Quite simply it is the best website and blogging (outside of ActiveRain of course) platform out there. We are offering 1,000 free business cards...
If any of you are like me, you have your own self-hosted WordPress blog in addition to your ActiveRain blog... well if you are anything like me, you have several WordPress blogs.  What I love about WordPress is that the open source nature of it means there are literally thousands of plugins which...
I LOVE this idea!  I am going to do it and would love to see a huge number of ActiveRainers do it as well.  I look forward to seeing what everybody who participates comes up with.... so I can borrow some ideas of course :)  My question is this, are all three videos supposed to be about the same e...
Selling real estate on Twitter requires you to keep one simple thing in mind.... Don't!  Do not do it!  Don't even think about it!  Stop it!  Quit!  Right this minute! You are looking at it all wrong.  In order to use Twitter effectively you have to just talk to people, build relationships and ad...
Just last week, Laura - @LauralooPeacock - decided to buy a new car and since I had done a brief stint as a car salesman she wanted me to tag along and advise her throughout the process.  Due to the fact that we pretty much don't do anything without sharing it (code for boring people with it) on ...
Using social media customer service can be, and in fact is, a very powerful way to address and resolve potential issues.  Often times people will post disparaging remarks via social media channels when they have a less than pleasant experience with a company, product or service and your company ...
Selling real estate on Twitter is a bit of a misnomer.  While I am a firm believer that Twitter is one of the best sources of new clients for a real estate agent and the single best marketing venue a Realtor can use, actually trying to sell your real estate listings and services on twitter is ta...
  Selling real estate on Twitter, and more to the point, how to sell real estate on Twitter is something I am very passionate about.  Next to people tweeting coupons all day long, real estate agents are the absolute worst and least effective social media users as a group.  I will take this step ...
We would like to wish everybody on ActiveRain a very happy and safe 4th of July

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