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Pullman Inspector Comparison Differentiator Paul Duffau Bob Germain Removed at the Request of the Inspector. Years Inspecting Homes 7 years 6 years   Licensed Yes, #69702 Yes, #17126   Certifications International Code Council, Residential Building Inspector #5098495, 5 Special Inspection Certifi...
Quoting the webpage for the Appaloosa Museum, The Appaloosa Museum is a non-profit organization established in 1975 to collect, preserve, study, and exhibit objects and information that illustrate the history of the Appaloosa horse. The Appaloosa is a breed of horse  known for its spotted coat pa...
When I first started inspecting, it was as a Special Inspector for a firm called Southern California Soils & Testing - perhaps the best people I have ever worked with.  While there, I added multiple code certifications but worked primarily as a Pre-Stressed reinforced Concrete Inspector. In short...
Whether you're moving into a new home or just in the mood to refurbish your current pad, going green does not necessarily mean spending green. By simply making a few appropriate choices, you can get a whole new look, that's both environmentally friendly and cost effective. #1 New uses for old stu...
I have agents ask me whether they should have a new home inspected. We're a little more trusting out here - everybody knows everybody else and new homes are supposed to be "inspected" by the local building departments.  I always tell them yes and tell them the story of a home that I did the foren...
I did a home inspection not long ago on a home that was completely off the electrical grid.  It was one of the more fascinating homes I've done.  In addition to the solar panels, wind turbine and assorted other advanced renewable energy technologies, it had a bank of industrial batteries. Now the...
            If you live in a hot climate, you've probably spent a significant amount of energy fighting the effects of the sun.  In some parts of the country, air conditioning is as essential as water during the summer months, sucking the humidity out of the air and cooling things down enough so ...
I recieved the following email from the ASHI of Western Washington- Well, it didn't take long! We have just received word that the first attempt to change the new Home Inspector Law has been brought forth in the Legislature. It is Senate Bill 5644, which you can review at: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/...
With the cold weather and low inside humidity at my house, my kids and wife have been having a problem with dry skin. If you have sensitive skin like my duaghters do and need to know what goes into your laundry detergent, now you can make your own. Costs are low and the process takes no more than...
Whenever I think of company towns, I think of the Jimmy Stewart classic "It's a Wonderful Life",  of Bedford Falls and the evil Mr. Potter.  That is the usual image - big bad company taking advantage of the little worker.  And there were far too many instances where this actually occurred. But I ...

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