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One of the disadvantages of living in a rural area is that the newest technologies and techniques take a while to get to you. For a person that is a habitual "early-adopter", this has been really frustrating.  A new technology that I have been waiting to get into my area was a fully wireless capa...
Mold Testing I had an interesting experience the other day when discussing mold with two different agents.  In the case of the first agent, we were working for a buyer who was concerned about the potential for mold in the crawlspace since there was moisture present.  The second agent represented ...
Russel Ray (if you're not reading his blog, I highly recommend it) made a great comment on one of my earlier blog posts regarding the marketing tactics used by some home inspectors and how counter-porductive it can be to price-cut. Different strokes for different folks. Unfortunately, home inspec...
For most of us, the urge to constantly eat and in some cases, feed all those around us, is what makes the kitchen the heart of our homes. This is the place where families and friends get together, when comfort food is doled out in times of crisis and where late night chats are held over endless c...
Americans would buy cars and trucks from the Big Three automakers if the auto companies would do on simple thing. Make a solid vehicle that you can trust, day in, day out.  Make it economical to run, on both fuel and maintenance.  Make it comfortable. My little Ford Ranger is a great example.  It...
This post by Reuban is just too good to share.  With the older housing stock that we have in this area and insurance companies starting to tighten they're standards, we can expect some of this to happen in Moscow and Pullman. I received a very odd phone call last month; a customer (I'll call Mar...
I just received an email that encouraged me to participate in a "new" marketing program that offers my clients FREE gas and Groceries. Here's an excerpt: Grocery Program Helped Me Steal A Sale. I was in a recertification program for my termite license today and my cell wouldn't get reception in t...
I haven't had much time to blog lately (thank you, realtors!) but thought I'd post a picture of some temp help I had recently.  He was very gung-ho, checked out the whole crawlspace with me and then moved back to fetching. I probably should have shut the access behind me but all end's well.  
I have a niece that is starting to investigate buying her first home.  She and her husband have been renting - and saving - for years.  She was asking for advice on home inspections when she gets that far and I thought her reply was really interesting. "Sounds like we are on the same page about t...

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