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I don't call for engineering review often with foundation cracks.  When I first started inspecting homes, I had several agents complaining about home inspectors (imagine that!) that would over-emphasize concrete cracks.  In some cases, the agents were right.  One of the advantages of being code-c...
I get clients chuckling at the inspection because I have a line in the agreement that states that they will read the report.  They think I'm joking. Then I get a phone call from a client that I did an inspection for in August.  He has issues with his furnace.  Well, okay. But I marked it as 40 ye...
Neve str pull on Superman's cape.  A couple that were clients of mine when they purchased their home in Pullman had a company install a wood stove in the family room.  Since we had some roof leaks initially, they were cautious about putting another hole through their roof and asked me to follow u...
Sometimes, all it takes is one quick pass through the house and you know you've got a doozy on your hands. In this house, I made it to the closet in the converted garage.  It a bad picture but it was a cramped space.  I ended up writing a book just on the stuff in this closet.   
I thought this was interesting. The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction (ReCHAI) finds dogs do a better job of getting older adults out for exercise. ReCHAI sponsors several projects that attempt to further the understanding and value...
Below is an email to my running friends with a race report about the Inaugural Sandpoint Half-marathon in Sandpoint Idaho.  It was a pretty course, well-organized and the people were just wonderful.  Very nice race and a nice addition to the running schedule.   Howdy everybody!  Numbers first, I ...
I don't remember getting into my doddering years.  After all, I'm still nimble, I can still beat some of the junior high girls in a foot race (if I make it long enough to bore them) and I almost always can find my way home. So I was a little surprised to receive an email from the Whitman County A...
This handy little map from the folks at Moody's is a bit pessimistic but interesting.    Especially insteresting to me is the pattern at the coasts.  There are definitely some places where the pain will continue for a while.  Moody's doesn't expect  California to recover until 2030.  Ouch! When d...
Well, we're finally into the home stretch on Home Inspector Licensing.  I can't say it's been a fun process but it definitely has been a long overdue one. I took and passed the test early in June - though not without a few glitches along the way.  First, the test permission form was sent to my ol...
I've made a change to a previous blog entry and deleted some information at the request of another inspector. His complaint was that the post that I made in February indicated that he was not licensed - which was true in February as he did become licensed until April 29th, 2009.  However, I belie...

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