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One of the things that changed with the new State Licensing law in Washington State was that your home inspector is no longer required to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance. At least, when we were required to be Pest Inspectors, a small amount of insurance or bonding was required to protect th...
Here's my most recent video.  Nothing very fancy here but I ended up telling my clients that the fault that was found just isn't correctable in any practical way.  Hate it when that's the case and especially in a brand new home. This was a house built in 2008 that has not yet been occupied - they...
because it's been busy.  My absence did get noticed though.  I even got a call from ActiveRain post-a-matic inspectors, Charlie Buell.  Since I posted last (I looked at the stats - it can't have been 4 months!), I've been busy with inspections, the NPI national meeting in Omaha, continiuing educa...
Because bad things happen. I took this video last week at an inspection I did out in the country in Idaho. Beautiful house and land but some things just don't work. In this case, the wall of the root cellar has already collapsed and I think the generator shed isn't far behind.
Anybody that knows me, knows I'm a runner. Not a particularly fast one.  Nor very elegant. But I run.  It puts me in my "happy" place, so much so that my wife won't discuss anything important with me until I've run a couple or six miles. I also hike and occassionally bike.  And, in John Ratey's ...
A great post by Russel on getting timely info on recalls plus ideas on how to use it for marketing.  Long but worth the effort.   With Halloween behind us but Thanksgiving and Christmas knocking on our doors, it's time for a reminder about recalled products, safety, and the Consumer Product Safe...
My friend (and one of the folks that got me singing in the rain in the first place), Lori Cofer,  has a post up on Orangeburg Pipe (member's only).  She has most of the basics right (good job, Lori!) and I thought I would fill in some history. Orangeburg Pipe (or bituminious fiber pipe for the c...
The last time I checked with the fire marshal, it was acceptable to abandon old unused oil tanks in place.  A permit was required and there are some other considerations: • The owner may be required, by the lender and buyer, to have the soil beneath the tank tested.  Because getting soil samples...
The inspector shall "Report any evidence that indicates the possible presence of an underground storage tank. "  Part of the process with having the inspectors go through a licensing process is that we now have more consistency in the reports that get generated.  That  quote above right from the...

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