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Recently there was an issue with an appraisal in the valley where asbestos was observed and the appraiser made the call that it had to be removed.  We would just like to point out a few facts in regards to asbestos in order to clear up a few misunderstandings. Asbestos is an extremely tiny fiber ...
There are a number of inspectors out there that do asbestos. In my region, I have at least two that do asbestos sampling for their clients. I just want to add a word of warning. If you have a commercial building, you want to use a EPA Certified AHERA Inspector. These individuals are the only ones...
A primary source of roof leaks doesn't actually invovle the roof covering but the flashing. Unfortunately, flashing is one of the easiest items on the roof to incorrectly install. It's not that the parts are that complex - they're not. The manufacturers have made them easy to install. And, proper...
Contrary to popular opinion, we do have pest issues in areas like Pullman and Moscow.  Our primary invader is the carpenter ant.  The problem that is starting to develop is that while we have a slew licensed inspectors in the area (and the number is growing), only two of us are still licensed as ...
One of the things that I and anybody that works with me does is to take our shoes off when we go inside the house. The reason we started doing this was just simple courtesy to the homeowner - we didn't want to track in dirt into a house they were trying to sell. A side benefit of walking through ...
One of the very neat things about living in the southeast part of Washington State is that the weather is truly unique compared to the western half of the state.For example, Clarkston typically gets less than 13 inches of rain per year effectively making it a desert environment.  Pullman gets abo...
Welcome to Monday!  It looks to be a gorgeous day and, hopefully, a great week for everybody. The Fire Protection Research Foundation has released a new study on aging residential electrical installations.  The good news?  Many of the older wiring systems are still functioning surprisingly well. ...
I'm not very good at looking before I leap and, in this case, slithered.  Just inside the crawlspace access, the owners had put a glue pad mouse trap. Those things are incredibly sticky! It took a few minutes to get it off my coveralls and I had to stand on a board over the trap and peel the clot...
html> A lot of the defects that I find in a home aren't the result of equipment failure or poor building techniques.  Instead, they're concious lifestyle choices that a home owner will make to improve the quality of life for themselves or their family. It just turns out that the decision that the...
RE:  SSB6433 Con To the Honorable Rep. Conway, I wish to thank you for your service to the State of Washington but I would also be remiss if I did state for you the reasons that I oppose the above referenced legislation. For reference, I am a Licensed Home Inspector (#215) in the state who works ...

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