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            If you live in a hot climate, you've probably spent a significant amount of energy fighting the effects of the sun.  In some parts of the country, air conditioning is as essential as water during the summer months, sucking the humidity out of the air and cooling things down enough so ...
I recieved the following email from the ASHI of Western Washington- Well, it didn't take long! We have just received word that the first attempt to change the new Home Inspector Law has been brought forth in the Legislature. It is Senate Bill 5644, which you can review at: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/...
With the cold weather and low inside humidity at my house, my kids and wife have been having a problem with dry skin. If you have sensitive skin like my duaghters do and need to know what goes into your laundry detergent, now you can make your own. Costs are low and the process takes no more than...
Whenever I think of company towns, I think of the Jimmy Stewart classic "It's a Wonderful Life",  of Bedford Falls and the evil Mr. Potter.  That is the usual image - big bad company taking advantage of the little worker.  And there were far too many instances where this actually occurred. But I ...
One of the oddities of this region is that you can have a 10-15 degree temperature swing just by driving from Moscow, ID to Lewiston, ID.  They are, quite literally, different micro-climates. For those that think that the difference in temperature is important, try running in it.  I'll be heading...
Heating can be one of the greatest recurring costs associated with owning a home.  The rising cost of fuel doesn't just hit you hard at the gas pumps - it can be a difficult pill to swallow when you get that monthly oil or natural gas bill too.  And despite the current downturn in fuel costs, tho...
In addition to being a home inspector, I am also an infrared thermographer - the two don't always meet in the middle - and I have been keeping busy checking on wet basements for the last two weeks. As many of you know, the Pacific Northwest has been getting hammered by snow.  That has caused all ...
If like me, you go into a store with all the good intentions of buying an environmentally friendly product, but come out, totally confused and clutching your much used, well known, brand, then this article is for you. According to a 2005 survey by the research firm Global Market Insite, a whoppin...
Most Idaho residents aren't aware of a wonderful benefit that the state government has for remodelers.  During one of the periodic sindfalls that came to the various states, Idaho developed a self-funding mechanism for funding home improvements that target energy savings for residential customers...
At this point, most agents have a good understanding of what is entailed in a home inspection.  Each organization has a Standards of Practice (as do States with licensing0 that the inspector will adhere to.  Commercial inspections, on the other hand, do not have a similar set of standards.  The c...

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