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Historically, the Real Estate season gets off to a busy start around mid February and runs like gangbusters until September. This year, we started off a bit early and it looked like we were going to have a busy season, until the disease that shall not be named reared its ugly head.While real esta...
My next door neighbors threw a party last night. It was attended by exactly 5 couples, 10 people in all. We sat out in their driveway with our own food and beverages and laughed and talked to each other, from more than 6 feet apart! This was a very interesting way to get outside. No one shook han...
The new norm. Everytime I hear this phrase I think of the character Norm on Cheers! See where my mind floats off to? Each time Norm would enter the bar the patrons would all sing out his name, NORM!Seems like each time we get to a new point in the current Corona-19 crisis, we all speculate that t...
So the government just dropped $2,400 into my bank account. Money that is supposed to help those that have lost their jobs and are having trouble paying their bills. It is also designed to help put cash back into a faltering economy.Fortunately, I am in Real Estate, so it's tough for me to lose m...
We are in a time when sellers are wary of anyone coming into their home. Buyers aren't sure they want to be out and around looking at homes, either. This can really impact the ease with which Real Estate transactions get done. Because of this, the industry is turning more to virtual showing exper...
Lawyers. My brother was one till he retired. Guess he could still be one. I have played lawyers in the movies and on TV. But I never expected to become one in real life, or at least do some of a lawyers work.Let me explain (complain). Yesterday I had my seller clients come to my office to sign cl...
Approaching the last minutes before a closing scheduled for tomorrow, the buyer's agent realized that something very important for her buyers was not going to happen. She immediately called me to complain. Well, I said, this is why we have due diligence time frames here in Georgia. This is when t...
When sellers sell their home, they pack up and leave right? Not always or exactly. I have seen sellers leave their homes in terrible shape. One client left their home absolutely filthy. Almost wrecked the closing because of it.Others, leave all sorts of things. Old tires, barbecue grills, loads o...
Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that studies show can cause cancer. It is radiological in nature and comes naturally from the ground and can seep into basements. It is heavier than air so it tends to seek the lowest spots in a home.It is a byproduct of among other things granite. In areas w...
Until just recently, I made sure that I never missed a clients closing. Never. Wouldn't even consider the possibility. For me, closings are a time for both sides to enjoy the end of what could have been a very tedious and stressful process. The buyer gets a home they have fallen in love with and ...

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