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I ran across some mailers I did back in 2017 and decided that the messages on them were still strong, so I thought I would recycle these in the social media.The card show above references home owners who have out-grown their home. I found these images and paid to license them for a series of mail...
I had mentioned this earlier in a comment left on another blog, but I have recently moved to using an iMac at work and away from my Windows laptop that I have carried back and forth from home to office for years. My wife, a lifelong Windows user said to me that I have moved to the dark side.I did...
Blind offers are very common in the Atlanta market these days. These offers come from investors or from investment companies and are called blind because they offer to buy without seeing the home first. They plan is to own the home for rental.Several years ago these type offers presented special ...
I know this challenge is about our area where we live, but I spent many years growing up not far from the Atlanta area in North Carolina. I still consider this state my home even though I have not lived there in years. This past week my wife and I spent two days roaming on the Blue Ridge Parkway,...
When real estate transactions occur, most times money is put up to show the buyer is earnest in their intent to buy. Usually this money will be returned to the buyer if they decide to terminate their contract before their due diligence, or free look time period runs out. If the buyer continues wi...
I look at monthly statistics for the town I live in and am always amazed at what they tell me. From the information presented above it is very clear that we have very little inventory, hence the .9 month supply. Looking back at July numbers the Days on Market increased by 1 from 5 to 6. I wonder ...
Often I have spoken to people who have tried some new marketing strategy for a couple days or a week and then abandon it just as quickly when results are not quickly forthcoming. Sometimes worthwhile things take time.I have been reaching out to agents for better than 15 years to alert them of new...
I have, along with many others, been watching the housing market go on a tear for the past 2 years. Low inventory and low mortgage rates have combined to push housing prices up quickly. As a result I have seen potential buyers just give up looking, having been priced out of the market.I have 2 cl...
Interestingly, if you go back a couple or three years in real estate, you might remember when homes hit the market and stayed there on average 30-60 days. I know that's hard to believe, but its true. There was also plenty of inventory for buyers to choose from and unicorns were plentiful.Yesterda...
I have an investor who buys, fixes up, and resells homes. We were talking the other day before we listed and he was telling me he remove a wall in his latest venture. He does a really nice job on his renovations, but I was a bit worried. He said he also added a 4th bedroom.So, when I went to do l...

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