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Over dinner this past weekend, I listened to the story of a buyer who was told that they could save 1/2 the commission fees by not using an agent in their transaction. Who told him this? The listing agent. When I asked if this was put into the contract, the answer was no. They just "Assumed" this...
There area few trades around where you will see a person's name on their shirt or a badge with their name on it. It is, however, still fairly rare to see. I am an agent that wears a name tag everywhere I go during the work week. I once had a very successful agent deride me for wearing my name tag...
I was thinking about how agents around me conduct themselves when pursuing Real Estate. Interestingly, some agents are immersed in a culture of money from day one. hey even shout, Show me the Money! It seems that they are blind to anything not directly related to earning a buck. I do understand c...
I have noticed recently that there is much talk about skipping the annoying open house when you list your home because, "It invites people to go through your home." Many times this sentiment is echoed by agents saying it never sells a home and is a waste of time. At den Boer homes, we hold open h...
About 6 weeks ago Atlanta Communities open a brand new office in a building that used to be a local bank. We moved from a nice 6,000 sq ft building into a spectacular 18,000 sq ft building with all the bells and whistles. Yesterday was the official grand opening ribbon cutting by the local Woodst...
Every Saturday during the Summer, downtown Woodstock, Ga. hosts a farmer's market replete with vendors of farm fresh vegetables, jams, honey, meats of all kinds, and so much more. It is held close to the downtown area, maybe a block of the main street, and is well attended during the Summer.   
First of all what is an iBuyer? They are the large national firms telling potential sellers that they will buy their home and won't even have to place it on the market. They are running TV commercials showing smiling clients announcing the fact that they received a competitive offer and accepted ...
We have a local agent who buys and flips homes. This means he buys homes in need of fixing up and updates the home. Not all that uncommon here and it really helps upgrade the home inventory when done right. Ah, but there is the rub...This agent is beginning to get a reputation for poor work and c...
If you have not listened to Barbara Todaro about her marketing, you owe it to yourself to listen. Direct mail DOES work...   The way we begin each day is a good indication of how the remainder of the day will flow.  I’m convinced that today will be a smoothly running day, after reading a text my ...
I have good personal friends that want to sell their home. We have been discussing this for quite some time, but the comp numbers in the neighborhood have just been too low.Recently my friends and I have been revisiting the sales numbers, and I was informed that another agent has told them that t...

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