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Approaching the last minutes before a closing scheduled for tomorrow, the buyer's agent realized that something very important for her buyers was not going to happen. She immediately called me to complain. Well, I said, this is why we have due diligence time frames here in Georgia. This is when t...
When sellers sell their home, they pack up and leave right? Not always or exactly. I have seen sellers leave their homes in terrible shape. One client left their home absolutely filthy. Almost wrecked the closing because of it.Others, leave all sorts of things. Old tires, barbecue grills, loads o...
Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that studies show can cause cancer. It is radiological in nature and comes naturally from the ground and can seep into basements. It is heavier than air so it tends to seek the lowest spots in a home.It is a byproduct of among other things granite. In areas w...
Until just recently, I made sure that I never missed a clients closing. Never. Wouldn't even consider the possibility. For me, closings are a time for both sides to enjoy the end of what could have been a very tedious and stressful process. The buyer gets a home they have fallen in love with and ...
With the scary COVID-19 virus seemingly lurking around every corner these days, prople are justifiably concerned about being in a place with people they do not know. One of these places would be around the closing table. There can be 2 buyers, 2 sellers, 2 agents, a lender, and office personnel t...
Just like the water flowing over this waterfall, the current crisis we are in shall pass. They always do, and we seem to come out of them stronger than ever. In 6 months (Hopefully much sooner, please!), we will look back and see that we made it through to much better times. I predict the economy...
Today I figured I would offer something that could help center us and distract us from the issues we face in the world today. My offering is this picture of a red flower I took this past weekend.I am sure that this flower does not know or care what is happening in the world around it. It is only ...
What would you do if you were a successful owner of a landscape business and owned 220 acres of rolling land just outside of Ball Ground Georgia? Well, you start by planting millions of daffodils, designing a beautiful Japanese garden, and open it up to the public, of course!Open to the public ye...
Earlier this year the Real Estate market in our area was zooming along. It appeared that the Spring selling market had arrived early. It was as if a team of dogs running flat out pulling the "Economic Sled" had heard their owner yell, "Whoa, there!".Sled dogs don't like to slow down. They are bre...
Not feeling so lucky today? Not finding the home of your dreams? Don't know where to start in getting your home ready for sale?No need to be lucky to find or sell a home. Call us at den Boer homes. We are all the luck you will ever need!  

Peter den Boer

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