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This time of year everyone is busy climbing in and out of storage areas, looking for all the seasonal decorations that end up scattered all over the inside of their homes, as well as outside, with lights wrapped around trees and bushes in the yard, and wreaths on every door and window. Looks nice...
When discussing repairs and updates with clients, I find it useful to be able to tell them whether or not the expected return on investment makes sense. I am able to do this by employing the Cost Vs. Value report available at essence, this report gives expected returns for ...
Nope, don't get excited. No one got "Offed" in my listing. A termination happens when a contract is ended before closing, usually by the Buyer. The reasons are many. So far, I have had 3 terminations on the same listing in about a month.So what is the problem? Well, the first buyer, even though t...
Real Estate can be exciting! I was visiting a new listing yesterday that is located, literally on a mountainside. It has a really great view from the top. There is just one issue...The home sits down a narrow gravel / dirt road. About halfway up this road you pass a sign that states, 4 wheel vehi...
These days a Real Estate agent needs to wear many hats. Those that can expose home listings to the most eyeballs will ultimately get the most traction for their sellers. Take a look at my latest video explaining just that. 
Let's face it. We all have a friend or neighbor that is a Plumber, Doctor, Nurse, Attorney, or any of the other thousands of job holders that may have information the rest of us need. How often have you caught yourself calling a friend who is a Nurse and asking him/her about a fever or rash inste...
It's interesting to me to see how differently properties are received by agents and the public. For instance, I have homes listed at $169,900, $315,000, and $395,000. As you might expect, the lower priced property is getting 3-5 showings a day, and we have received 5 offers that the seller is loo...
I really like converting a nice front picture of a home to a Dawn shot! You need to start with a good quality picture that shows some sky above the home. What you get can be a breathtaking picture that really shows off your home!Why do I go to the trouble to do this? Easy, it grabs the attention ...
I use a professional photographer to photograph all my listings. It really pays off with spectacular images of the home. However, some homes I list are pretty bland when it comes to color. The walls are "Agreeable Gray", the kitchens are earth tones, etc. In order to catch a potential buyer's eye...
I have a listing I just took with a past client who purchased this home about 9 years ago. we discussed the plan for selling his home and a few issues came up that I had not been confronted with before.The seller would like his home listed on November 1 of this year, but does not want a sign in t...

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