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New homes are much like new cars. As soon as you enter either one you see a beautiful clean home, with everything new. You are also surrounded by that wonderful aroma of newness. That smell that we also always say, If I could just bottle that smell and sell it!New is wonderful too in that it usua...
Did you know your real estate agent has superpowers that you are unaware of? It's true. Now, you usually won't find us in a cape looking to fly out a second floor window unless a deal has gone bad. But we do have hidden powers.For instance, it is critical during negotiations that your agent and t...
Ever had to tell a Seller right before closing that the deal has died? These can be terrible words to hear especially if the Seller has already moved out and is anticipating the purchase of another home. I have seen this domino effect cascade through many closings, with the first default causing ...
Oh what fun technology can be! When it woks, it is great. When it doesn't, well, it can bring out the inner monster in all of us.It seems to me that as long as I don't absolutely need my various forms of technology, it works just fine. On those days where I am under a tight deadline to get someth...
I received an amendment to address concerns yesterday from a buyers agent representing buyers under contract with my seller clients. The email started off saying, "Tried to be reasonable about our requests..." This always worries me when I see this. It usually means the requests will be quite unr...
Don't want to what? Well, negotiate or sell their home. The poor listing agent is tearing at her hair. Apparently these sellers are a major handful. Let me explain.About three weeks ago my buyer clients offered to purchase the sellers home. They had mad it known what they would accept in an offer...
No seller likes people tromping through their home and trying to keep it up during the sales period. This gets even worse during the holidays. I have clients whose home shown right was listed last Friday. They worked hard for quite a while to get it into showing shape. When we listed, they told m...

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