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Sometimes things come together perfectly. I listed a townhome this week and within 2 hours we had our first of three offers. I was still putting up photos and working on additional marketing materials. The agent who sent me the offer told me that she had a client who has been watching the neighbo...
I went to preview 2 homes today. That means I went to look at homes without a client with me. Why, you might ask? Well, I'm glad you did. This is why...These homes were very similar to a home that I have listed. They are not in the immediate area as my listing, but if I were a buyer, I would incl...
If you have been in Real Estate as an agent for any time at all, you will have amassed plenty of material to write a book. I just might someday. In that book will be chapters on wonderful people that I have met and helped buy and sell homes over the years. Thankfully this will be the majority of ...
 The above picture was taken by me the other day as I sat waiting for a green light. These clouds were really weird looking. They were all bumpy and looked like the end was near. So, I took the picture just in case they meant my end was near. People looking at my phone afterwards would nod grimly...
I like genealogy. I have tracked my family and my wife's family back quite a ways. Recently, I had 2 different companies analyze my DNA and the results are in. I found out that I am 1.1 % Neanderthal. Really?This would explain a few things. Did you know the normal level is about double this amoun...
It seems funny to have to remind people that when they hire a professional they should probably listen to what they have to say. I saw a sign once that provided a cost for some work to be done and under that it gave a higher price if the buyer of the service wanted to help.I recently spoke to a f...
So you decided to sell your home. All the marketing your agent has done is producing a steady stream of showings of your home, but no offers yet. The feed back from the showing agents has been small things like the home is great, but...So why aren't you getting any offers.My experience is that it...
You took the plunge and listed your home this Spring. You have had showing after showing but no offers. All the feedback you have seen says, great house with no negatives. Why isn't your home sold yet?Could be you are over priced. Agents around you might just be showing your home to buyer clients...
Ok, yes, I really was not talking about my brain, but that probably works too. What I was thinking about with that active 10% of my brain was software. That code that does all sorts of wonderful things for us. You can type letters, sort lists, create beautiful images or exciting movies, or just s...

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