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Well this one has never happened to me before. I have a client getting ready to klist their home. They are finishing up getting the home ready, and we decided to go out and look for their next home. Within a few days we had found "The One". Now we are faced with trying to submit an offer continge...
I have a great marketing plan for selling homes. It is chocked full of great materials, ideas, and strategies. When I go on listing appointments it's fun to talk about home books, single property websites and the like. Sometimes I don't even get to use any of it.We have an agent here in the offic...
I showed a For Sale by Owner home this past weekend. I think it is only the second time in 10 years that I have done so. The owners were very nice, had a beautiful home, and were very gracious allowing us time to look and to answer our questions. The owner even called me to follow up the next day...
My wife has a habit of saying before she leaves the house on Friday mornings to go to work, yay it's Friday! I usually respond, Only 2 more days to work this week! You see, my wife has a job that requires her to work only on weekdays. Her husband's schedule, Me, has a slightly different schedule....
When you hire an agent to help you buy or sell a home, you should be getting more than the agent. I don't really mean the agent's team members like their administration people, or buyer agents working with the agent. No, I mean you should be getting a whole phone book full of people to help you.I...
Ok, stop those rumors that I am out of the business! I am very much in the business, but something is causing an issue. There just are not enough homes for sale right now. Typically, this time of year has the lowest number of homes for sale. For buyers looking this time of year it can be frustrat...
A contingency in a contract means something has to happen for the contract to move forward. Some are financial, appraisal related, and some have to do with factors outside the actual contracted property. For instance, maybe your offer on a new home is contingent on selling your current home. Make...
I own a condo in the Smyrna area, just to the west of Atlanta. Its a nice 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath condo that my younger daughter is living in while finishing up her degree in college. Come May (Hopefully) she will graduate and move to wherever life takes her. This is all great, but what do I do with...

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