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I like this time of year. Especially this year. We have had temps in the 70's most of December when it is normally in the low 50's. With all this warm weather came a bunch of rain as well, it just doesn't seem like December 31, 2015 to me.Maybe its because I started my new year last month. When y...
Gibbs Gardens is located in the Ball Ground area of North Atlanta. It was developed by a local owner of a landscape company. It is known for many things such as the Spring Daffodils and the Fall Japanese Maples. It truly is beautiful year round. If you are planning to visit Gibbs Gardens, bring a...
There have been some situations in the past where a repair or job at a home being sold will not be completed before the closing date. Years ago, we would have the seller write a check to the vendor of the buyer's choice for the work to be done. This check would be given to the buyer at closing. I...
It never ceases to amaze me that when I go out of town, my phone almost always begins to ring. This week I am traveling in North Carolina and working with a buyer at the same time. We looked at a home the day before I left, and my buyer decided to make an offer.So, the first day in NC I am negoti...
Beginning in the first quarter of 2016, den Boer Homes and Select Marketing will join forces to bring a whole new level of service and marketing expertise to the Luxury segment in the North Atlanta suburbs. The combined group will be premiering new marketing materials, advertising strategies, and...
Interest rates. The money charged by lenders for the use of their money. Why do we care? Well, If we are buying a home, interest rates can mean the difference between affording a home or not. Interest rates have started a slow march upwards and we need to keep an eye on the rates.Interestingly en...
The picture to the right is a covered bridge in Ball Ground, Ga. It was built around 1901, and is now closed to all but foot traffic.I stumbled upon this bridge one day when I was out looking for bridges to photograph. It sits next to a great family park called appropriately, Poole's Bridge.The n...
I have been working in my home office a bit more over the past several weeks and have noticed something that probably happens far more than I knew. No, there are no huge neighborhood parties going on while I am away during the day, but the power does flicker on and off.The other day for about 10 ...
Just as I was logging off the Rain I saw the post below fromDebbie Reynolds. Now, I was not planning on posting a blog today, and some would say I really haven't, this is a Re-Blog, but after reading Debbies post I had to do something. Thanks Debbie for making me do what I love to in th...

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