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If you follow my blogging efforts, you should know that I am somewhat of a nerd. I fancy myself as reasonably knowledgeable about things computer related. So, I made the decision to go ahead and upgrade to the newest Windows version. Believe it or not, it has been reasonably painless.It appears t...
What inspires you? Does anything? What do you see or hear that makes you want to make things happen, to get yourself moving, to make a difference in our world? There has to be something, right?I spoke to an agent this morning who posts every morning on Facebook an inspirational note. She always s...
I used to love helping my clients buy a new home. That "New Car" smell, the long home warranty, the newness of it all. But recently that has begun to change. I have noticed a definite trend away from the easy to work with builders. I spoke to several agents yesterday that seemed to be seeing the ...
After years of explaining to potential sellers that their home really isn't going to sell for as much as they think, I am beginning to see just the opposite. I spoke to a lovely couple yesterday about their home and we discussed the possible range that their home might sell. They were astounded t...
One bite at a time.This old saying I use almost every day. An agent will come to me having a serious anxiety attack about some issue they are facing. The one this morning concerned a new agent who was stressing out over everything she needed to do. She is in the process of getting ready to get re...
That was until the gentlemen from JSA showed up. You see, my front steps and porch were beginning to settle. If left alone, they would have pulled away from the house and left a gap. I have visited many homes in our area where I have seen this. From cracks just starting to form, to 2-4 inch crack...
Have you heard the old saw, You don't want to own the most expensive home in the neighborhood? Well, there is a lot of truth to this. When you go to sell this home all the comps will be lower priced, from smaller, less desirable homes. All these conditions will need to be adjusted for by the appr...
As a consumer looking for a home to buy, do you realize that some of the descriptions in the MLS that the listing agent has written might actually be in code? That's right. We agents are part of a secret society and we communicate by code!Ok, not really, but there are some words that an agent wil...

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