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Let the next owner take care of it. I hear this occasionally from sellers. It usually has to do with something like cleaning the carpets when you leave, or keeping the yard looking nice up to closing. I cringe when I hear this.As a buyer, you expect to find your new home that you just closed on i...
Wow, the title of this blog could go in some many different directions. I guess the one I am thinking about would be the people you hire to do jobs around your home. People like painters, carpeting, handymen, etc. I am working with an irrigation company today.  They showed up right on time, got r...
You just moved out of state and left your home that needs to be sold. Unfortunately you did not have time or the money to get it into pristine shape. It needs a bit of this and a little of that, but who has the time?If you find yourself in this position, you might want to consider renting your ho...
There really are two sides to every story. These are the stories of the buyer and the seller, and these stories don't always mix.I have buyers who made an offer for a home this week right at the sweet spot of what the comps tell us the home should sell for. We were incensed that the seller respon...
Some real estate agents consider themselves sales people. Fewer of us think of ourselves as educators. I tend to live in the educator camp. The things in this business that tend to stop me in my tracks are the things I thought everyone knew. Have you ever mentioned something to a client and watch...
Yesterday was a very good day. It was a great one for my clients who sold their home in the morning, and closed on their new home that afternoon. It was a great day for the buyers in the morning and the sellers in the afternoon. It was a great day for all the agents involved as well. At the end o...
I like this quote. I would love to tell you that it was from some obscure book I read or from some great person from the past, but no, it is from a line spoken by Sheldon's mother on a past show of Big Bang Theory.In essence, there is some one for everyone out there. There is also a buyer for eve...

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