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I heard this story this week and was astounded. I have had to deal with squatters in a home before, but this one was really scary. Several doors down from a listing I have in my own neighborhood is another listing priced at $500,000. The agent who has this listing lives next door to it. A couple ...
Home inspection are a necessity when buying a home. Once you are under contract, the home needs to be inspected by a qualified home inspector. This process is intended to either uncover potential problems with the home or give it a clean bill of health.The process begins to break down when relati...
Many parts of the country are subject to violent storms in the Spring. Whether it is hail storms, thunder storms, or even tornadoes, people living in these areas are trained by the media to watch the weather stations or listen to radios to keep informed of where these dangerous storms are. Here i...
I think there several things that real estate agents do that can be difficult. Telling a client that they did not get the home they wanted due to multiple offers is tough. Explaining why the cat urine smell in the house needs to go away to a seller can be awkward. For me and many other agents tho...
It snowed all day today. It blew across the roads and sometimes blocked my vision so that you could only see a block down the road. It came in waves, too. Oh, and did I mention it was in the mid 80's here today?This time of year the pine trees add tons of pollen to the air, which is already thick...
As I sit looking out my office windows I see green where there was none just a few days ago! This time of year is my favorite time of year. Green just busts out everywhere. I can be riding down the street and almost hear the green busting out. Wait, you thought I was talking about the trees? Nope...
Sometimes we agents find a way to detach ourselves from the daily grind. Whenever I do that, I feel like I am playing hooky. I took the past 2 days off to attend to my wife who had surgery on Monday. I tried to respond to emails and texts, but for those two days I was pretty focused on the hospit...

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